About the theme

NACAC members say burnout looms on their work as college admission counseling professionals, and personal wellbeing tactics will only go so far. Sustainable and scalable solutions must materialize to make this profession work for us and for the benefit of students and their futures.

To thrive in today’s climate and be empowered to make changes, we lean on our individual and collective sources of power: our voices, our ideas, our time, our expertise, and our perseverance. We gather and remember we’re not alone. We create connections and focus on our shared wellbeing. We try and make up for the time spent sacrificing for others throughout the year.

The NACAC Conference unites the ambition, aspiration, and action of more than 6,500 college admission counseling professionals from around the world. Attendees come with a range of backgrounds and experiences that enrich the discussions, networking, and idea-generation present throughout the event. Education sessions provide opportunities for school counselors, admission professionals, community-based organizations, and independent education consultants to find customized content they won’t find anywhere else.

Each attendee arrives with their own story, knowledge, and purpose while sharing in the universal challenges outside of our profession’s sphere of control. These challenges include politics, economics, financial aid funding, public safety, Supreme Court decisions, perceptions on the value of higher education, and more.

We know the power of us – our energizing and caring community – can be a catalyst for change. With our shared strengths, we can carry forward the promise of our profession.

NACAC Conference 2023: The Power of Us