NACAC invites institutions in the Los Angeles area to host college tours to showcase their campus. College tours are a staple of the NACAC Conference and connect institutions with counseling professionals around the world. If you are interested in hosting a college tour, please review the following information.  

Tour options are as follows: 

  • Single Institution Tour – Formal tour of one institution. 
  • Group Tour – Formal tours of multiple institutions. Institutions are generally clustered together and provide transportation between each institution. 
  • Self-Guided Individual Tour – Self-guided tours with no formal program are typically offered by institutions located within 30-minutes of the convention center. 

 Host institutions are responsible for: 

  • Managing the invitation, registration and/or waitlists 
  • Communication with the attendees leading up to the event 
  • Transportation costs, if applicable 
  • Food and beverage expenses, if applicable 

Tours approved by NACAC will be posted on this website with relevant links to each institution’s website. NACAC requests that tours are inclusive and open to all NACAC attendees, regardless of professional capacity. If you have any questions, please email us or call 703-299-6846.