The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) is a nonprofit professional association with a mission to empower college admission counseling professionals through education, advocacy, and community. As part of this mission, NACAC works to support local professionals in our annual conference locations.

NACAC will be in Los Angeles, California September 26-28 for NACAC Conference 2024. We are proud to support local public-school counselors and community-based organization professionals by providing complimentary conference registration through the Local Counselor Conference Experience.

Information regarding this program along with an eligibility form will be circulated with superintendents, principals, and other community leaders. NACAC will utilize the following eligibility requirements:

  • The professional must work at a public school or community based organization located in Los Angeles County.
  • The professional cannot have attended a NACAC conference in the last five years.
  • One approved professional per high school/organization can attend NACAC Conference 2024 via a complimentary Local Counselor Conference Experience registration.
  • A nomination form will be circulated among school district superintendents, high school principals, counseling coordinators, and other local leadership to initiate eligibility and ensure the professional receives permission to attend.
  • Each nomination will be carefully reviewed by NACAC staff to ensure that the professional meets the required eligibility requirements. If approved, they will receive instructions to register for the Local Counselor Conference Experience at NACAC Conference 2024.

Questions can be directed to NACAC’s membership experience team at

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