About the conference theme

At NACAC, we believe there is no greater calling than serving students, families, and institutions to ensure the next generation thrives.

Yet in today’s volatile landscape, it takes courage to be an educator. Divisive politics, global instability, and demographic shifts are among the headwinds making the college admission counseling profession more challenging than ever. The courage to do this work starts from within.

Before we can lead others, we must find and strengthen our own center. As flight attendants remind us each time we board a flight: we must put our own masks on before helping others. The most effective leaders strengthen their inner core. They work on finding stillness despite the chaos that surrounds them. This year’s conference will inspire members to learn how to lead from within.

Together we will explore:

  • How do I care for myself while helping others?
  • What skills and practices do I need to build to find equanimity in the face of extreme challenge?
  • How do I find the strength to keep going despite exhausting obstacles?
  • How do I recapture the joy I felt when I entered the profession?
  • How do I not just survive in my role, but thrive?

The courage to lead in the college admission counseling profession starts with building our own strength, resiliency, and resolve. Once we do, there is nothing this community can’t accomplish together.

The future of a generation lies with us.
The courage to lead them lies within.